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March 2020 lockdown plans for class 1

During these confusing and difficult times I have provided examples of planning and activities that you can do with your children at home. I have started to put together weekly packs that you can choose to follow including a timetable of things to do each day if you would like. Please be safe and look after each other, Mr Sanders.
Click the birds below to get a suggested weekly timetable and resources to support the activities. The dates are a guide. You need to start at week 1 then week 2 and so on as some activities follow on from each other.

In addition to my own weekly timetable the link below will take you to home learning from Whiterose which has daily lessons with story books etc. that you can follow.  I highly recommend it.


Maths games that help children learn numberbonds to 10/20

AlienAddition parents need to set the perimeters first. 

galaxypals parents need to set the perimeters first. 

Koala_Karts Excellent game using number frames to ten

KittenMatch A really good game to reinforce the number bonds that make different numbers to 10. This is being updated daily and provides a timetable of activities for EYFS children