Chislet Church of England Primary School

A journey of learning for all, within God’s guiding hands

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Class 3

In Class 3, we all work hard to support the children as they continue their exciting learning journey during the transition from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2. We gradually build their resilience to cope with longer lesson times and help them to develop their social, emotional and teamwork skills.


 The learning we plan is created around a curriculum based on exciting topics where personalised child-led suggestions and activities are central to our vision. Children are encouraged and supported to develop their own questions and enquiries as well as finding the answers to these through collaborative learning challenges across the curriculum. We regularly offer all children the opportunity to ‘Review & Reflect’ on their learning journey through discussions, utilising what they have learnt in different contexts, in order to gain a deeper understanding and a real purpose for learning.                        


We always try to ensure that our classroom is stimulating, encouraging and vibrant; from creating interactive displays to working walls, the classroom is organised so that children can learn in a variety of ways and celebrate success.


By the time they leave Class 3, we envisage the children to be resilient, resourceful learners who welcome challenges and regularly reflect on the achievements and discoveries they have made. Happy, inquisitive learners, who question, challenge and seek out new knowledge at every available opportunity is our overall, desired outcome.


As a school community we are currently revising our school curriculum to not only make sure it not only reflects our school vision but also allows children to transform their knowledge and flourish.