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A journey of learning for all, within God’s guiding hands

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Class 4

Class Four Homework

Mr  McLean        Class Teacher

Bio: Father of 4 and shameful supporter of Arsenal. Overuses the word ‘legend’. Great believer in opportunities for all and trying to find the talents that all possess.

Mrs Carter         High Level Teaching Assistant

Bio: Chislet legend. Runs breakfast club and drama club (with Mrs Willett). Superb listener, and very approachable. Always cries at leavers’ service (or the mention of leavers’ service). Loves animals (especially hippos?) Very experienced.

Mrs Webb          1:1 Teaching Assistant

Bio: works 1:1 but always has time for everyone. Kind, understanding and another great listener. Does interventions across the federation in the afternoon. Developing knowledge of Luton Town FC. Very experienced.

Mrs Newbury     1:1 Teaching Assistant

Bio: works 1:1 but also always has time for everyone. Has a severe allergy to chilli so no spicy Doritos, please. So easy to talk to. Bit of a giggler. Forest school trained so a bit like Bear Grylls. Very experienced.

Welcome to Class 4! The home of years 5 and 6.


Our aim in Class 4 is to provide the necessary nurture, support, opportunities, and encouragement, so that all of the children are ready to progress to their chosen secondary schools by the end of year 6.


As well as ensuring that the children are academically ready to make the transition to secondary school, we are also focussed on developing maturity, independence, social skills and emotional well-being.


Some of the highlights of Class 4 are:


Reading! I know, of course we are going to say reading. But we really love it in Class 4. By year 5, the children should be finding out which authors and genres they are passionate for. We can then start to steer them towards other texts we feel they may enjoy. We constantly update our bookshelves, and if we haven’t got what you are looking for, then we will always try to get it for you. Be it fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, picture books, poetry, we will do our absolute best to help you find the books that YOU want to read. As well as reading your own books, being supported where necessary, and using texts to support our topic, English, and grammar work, we also always have a class reading book on the go. As a class, we managed to get through ten books last year (Silver Donkey, Shipwreck Island, Clockwork, to name a few). Sharing stories together is one of our favourite activities. If you are looking for something new to read then please check out the slideshow below that was created by Christopher Harrison. It contains good luck messages for the new year, from fantastic authors whose books are just begging to be read. Also, we realise that money is tight, but if you are purchasing books, please don’t forget about those incredible independent bookshops out there.



Again, all a bit obvious, but we really do enjoy maths. It will get more challenging, and you will be working hard, but we try to create an environment where there is no fear or anxiety. We understand that mistakes are an important part of learning. Puzzles and games play a big part in our mathematical learning, so I hope you like a challenge.



Art is another of our passions in Class 4. We study a range of artists, learn about aspects of art history, and also investigate contemporary works. We really look to develop artists who have their own style. So many children (and adults) can become despondent because they feel what they have created isn’t a perfect copy of what they were trying to represent. We try to approach art in a different way; as a creative outlet where everyone can be successful. Whether it is painting, using ICT, photography, sculpture or land art, we feel that all children are artists, and we try to give our pupils as many chances as possible to show it!



Being involved in games, activities and sports as a class is something we place high importance on. The children will have their weekly session with our specialist (Mr Newhouse) but very often, we will try to make time to have extra sessions each week. Through PE, we teach a great deal about teamwork, motivation, attitude, empathy, maturity, fairness and strategy. As well as all this, it is also great fun!


The subjects mentioned above are just a small part of the learning journey that takes place in Class 4. (In no particular order) Spelling, RE, grammar, history, ICT, music, German, writing, geography, PSHE, DT and science, as well as maths, reading, art and PE, are all factored in, so that we can offer each pupil a broad education, which may then lay the foundation for future endeavours.


We will do our best to keep this class page updated with the latest news and information.


Best wishes,

the Class 4 team