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'Phil' the bag

‘Phil’ the bag   



Mrs Champion runs this scheme as part of her work in promoting sustainability at Hoath.


From time to time your child will bring home one of the special ‘Phil’the bag newsletter. The sacks may be filled with any unwanted textiles including: all kinds of clothing, shoes, bags, belts, hats orcurtains.  Items are accepted in any condition as long as they are dry.  The school receives payment at the rate of £500 per tonne for all the recycling collected.


These textiles are then sold on and distributed to people who can use and enjoy them in developing countries, which at the same time saves our environment from the burden of further resources going to landfill.



The last collection raised £80.40 . We have purchased a new Egloo for our new Bantam chickens. 


The next collection will be 16th November 2015.  


Important…..Due to the building work to be carried out in 2015/16, this will be the last collection for some time  as we will have very little storage space. I ask for your support in this so please do not bring any bags after  16th November 2015 until further notice, but please keep collecting!