Chislet Church of England Primary School

For Every Child Brings Something Special, Our Job is to Nurture and Celebrate it.

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School Values

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Our School Values


A journey of learning for all, within God’s guiding hands.



Praise     Respect     Care     Trust


The image above shows our golden apple tree. This is a reward scheme which we have across the whole school. Children who follow the key values, in all aspects of school life, have their apple move up the tree in their classroom each week. Once they have reached the top they add their name to the larger tree (above) and have their name put into a hat for a prize draw which takes place 3xtimes per year. The more times they reach the golden apple tree the more times their names are entered. Three winners receive £15 Smyth's Toy Vouchers.


All children are aware not only of what the four key words are but also what they represent and look like through actions and words.  Many of our assemblies  highlight bible stories and examples where these values have been shown. Celebration assemblies happen once a week and as well as  rewarding children for work carried out in school, children are also able to bring into school achievements accomplished outside of school. We have a display board just for photos of outside achievements.


We emphasise to children that all members of our school try to follow these values and that they ,as children, should not only follow these core values but should also expect them to be followed by others towards themselves.