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Term 5 Week 1 Planning

Dear Newly Qualified Teachers!

I am hoping to submit a range of activities that are interesting and enjoyable for your children to do. However, as you can imagine, with a class of mixed year groups and ages comes a vast range of different abilities. It would be simply impossible to differentiate the work to suit all the children in Class 3 so I have tried to set ‘challenges’ for most of the activities. The BRONZE activities are the most straightforward, moving onto SILVER and then GOLD. It is entirely up to you which activity your pupil does. If they only attempt one – that’s fine, if they do more – that’s fine too!

I’ve tried to do this for both Literacy and Numeracy tasks. But, can I please empathise that, if your pupil is having difficulties with the task which is causing them (and you) stress and tension – then stop and leave it! Alternatively, there are lots of other ‘more straightforward’ or ‘trickier’ activities you can access via ‘Twinkl’ and other pages on the school website page which Mr Sanders is always updating and adding to.

If you can keep up with reading and regular ‘times tables’ activities (You all have your times table rock star login details), that would be great! The children could read anything – it doesn’t have to be a book – just as long as they are regularly engaging in some sort of reading material.

I think it is going to be quite tricky for me to mark and reward their work as they do it at the moment. So, I am requesting that you could keep anything that they do manage to complete (whether the set work or other) for future marking.

Thank You for everything you are doing to keep your pupils busy and active.

Please Stay Safe and Take Care

Best Wishes

Karen Tutt x