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Term 6 Week 1

Monday 1st June 2020

Dear Archie, Eva, Harriet, Starr, Georgi, Evie W, Ben, Evie C, Troy, Mollie, Dylan, Henry, Kealey, Alice, Jake, James, Lily, Ella, Emmie, Edie, Monty, Louie, Cameron, Charlie, Nicole, Jack and Leo!              (and all your tired teachers!)

Well, what on Earth happened to April and May?! Those two whole months flew by so quickly!

I hope you all gave your teachers a restful break during the half-term holidays (they certainly needed it) and are, once again, ready to impress us all with your fabulous work!

The school looks very, very different at the moment. A lot of the furniture and resources have had to be moved and stored away to give the children who are returning back to school a lot more space. Most of the children’s tables are now set out in rows so it looks very Victorian and old-fashioned! That was probably how the children used to sit when the school was first opened! I’m not sure how many children will be returning but I do know that all the teachers and other staff will make sure that those children have a great time! It will probably be extremely strange to them without everyone being there!

Once again, I have tried to prepare you some interesting and fun Literacy and Numeracy tasks for you to do. I know that the PTFA have arranged something exciting Science activities for you to participate in at some point this week. I shall look forward to hearing all about that!

At Chislet we are all feeling positive and optimistic about the near future so hopefully, fingers and toes crossed, it can finally be safe enough for everyone to go back to school and be together again soon.


Be Good, Stay Safe and look after each other!             Love Mrs Tutt

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x  (one kiss each!)