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Term 6 Week 2

Monday 8th June 2020

Dear Archie, Eva, Harriet, Starr, Georgi, Evie W, Ben, Evie C, Troy, Mollie, Dylan, Henry, Kealey, Alice, Jake, James, Lily, Ella, Emmie, Edie, Monty, Louie, Cameron, Charlie, Nicole, Jack and Leo!              (and all your worn-out teachers!)

I hope that most of you were able to log into the PTFA Facebook Science event and watch Becca Holness (the Science Lady) perform, and guide you through some really awesome experiments. I managed to watch most of it and must say that it was brilliant! If you couldn’t see it, then I think you will still be able to see the video on the Facebook site for a while.

Although there aren’t many children at school, everything at Chislet appears to be going well for the children who have returned! I’ve heard that everyone is happy to be back at school and are doing their best to keep to the social distancing rules!

I’ve been busy preparing work, not only for you lot but, for the pupils in Year 2 and Year 5 too! It’s been quite tricky making sure that I give them work that I know they will enjoy doing and making sure that it’s not too straightforward or too hard for them!

I have continued to set you some more work to do at home this week but still want to stress that, if you are participating in different activities which your teachers have arranged for you and not doing the ‘stuff’ I have prepared, don’t worry! Just as long as you are keeping your brains active and working regularly – that’s great!

If you can, keep up with your reading and times tables practising too!

 Have a good week x

Be Good, Stay Safe and look after each other!             Love Mrs Tutt

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x  (one kiss each!)

Who noticed the missing kiss last week? I was testing you to see who’d notice!