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Term 6 Week 3

Monday 15th June 2020

Dear Archie, Eva, Harriet, Starr, Georgi, Evie W, Ben, Evie C, Troy, Mollie, Dylan, Henry, Kealey, Alice, Jake, James, Lily, Ella, Emmie, Edie, Monty, Louie, Cameron, Charlie, Nicole, Jack and Leo!              (and all your worn-out teachers!)

Well it certainly wasn’t the news from the Government that we were all hoping to hear about you and other year groups returning to school soon! However, we must all remember that it is really important that you only return to school when it is 100% safe for you and everyone else to do so, which unfortunately, is not at this particular time. Regardless of this, I’m sure that you and your families will continue to make the best of the extended time that you are having together and keep looking at it as a positive experience – a fabulous prolonged holiday!

I am now being my grandson Freddie’s teacher as his mum went back to work last week! He is in year 5 at Herne Bay Juniors and they set him ‘LOADS’ of stuff to do! I have to nag at him just as much as I sometimes have to nag at you lot! I’ve hidden his ‘Switch’ and taken away the remote control for the TV! He earns extra time to play ‘Fortnite’ each day but if he ‘moans or grumbles’ about what he has to do then time is deducted!! He really doesn’t like his supply teacher!

I shall keep on preparing work for you to do if you need it. But as I’ve stated before – if you already have enough to do or are engaged in other types of learning – then don’t worry about completing every piece!

If you can, keep up with your reading and times tables practising too!

I hope that you have a great week x

Be Good, Stay Safe and look after each other!             Love Mrs Tutt

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x  (one kiss each!)