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Term 6 Week 4

Monday 22nd June 2020

Dear Archie, Eva, Harriet, Starr, Georgi, Evie W, Ben, Evie C, Troy, Mollie, Dylan, Henry, Kealey, Alice, Jake, James, Lily, Ella, Emmie, Edie, Monty, Louie, Cameron, Charlie, Nicole, Jack and Leo!              (and all your worn-out teachers!)

I wasn’t really sure what to wear each day this week as the weather has been so changeable! One day it’s been really warm and sunny then the next, cold and drizzly! It’s meant to be getting warmer next week so make sure you slap on the sun cream, drink lots of fluids and keep your heads covered. I’d be nagging at you to do it if we were at school, so just because we aren’t at the moment, I’m not going to stop!

I hope that some of you have been able to look at the pictures of the new cabin on the PTFA Facebook page – it looks amazing!! It will be such a massive treat to use it when we finally get back to school. I think Mr Sanders is planning to make it his escape area away from class 1 where they won’t be able to find him when he locks himself in! Everybody has worked so hard to raise the money and do all the work needed to make it a special place for all of us to use.

I had a bit of a disaster this week when my memory stick decided to delete a lot of files off itself! Luckily, I had enough information on my home computer to carry on with planning the work for all the children still at home! What a palaver though – it makes you realise how you really depend on bits of metal and plastic to help you with work! My mobile phone also decided to break too!

I have prepared a few tasks for you to do again this week which I hope you’ll enjoy doing. Keep up all the great work that you are undertaking and try to keep busy as often as you can.

Also remember, if possible, please keep up with your reading and times tables practising too!

I hope that you have a great week x

Be Good, Stay Safe and look after each other!             Love Mrs Tutt

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x  (one kiss each!)