The Federation of Chislet Church of England and Hoath Primary Schools

We’re in this Together... Together we’re Better!

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The Federation

Welcome to the Federation of Chislet Church of England and Hoath Primary Schools.



Hoath and Chislet Church of England Primary Schools have been federated for 13 years. Although each school enjoys its own personality, environment, uniform and staff, there are many benefits for both schools to be able to work collaboratively. For example, we are able to share  celebrations, training opportunities, experiences, resources, teaching expertise etc.

The schools also share a Governing Body and Senior Leadership Team, comprising of Mr Tim Whitehouse - Executive headteacher, Mr Sanders - Head of Schools for the Federation, Miss Fitzwilliam -Deputy Headteacher of Chislet and Mr Powell - Deputy Headteacher of Hoath, Miss Mogg - Early Years and Maths lead of Hoath and Mr Mclean - Maths lead at Chislet. The schools also employ two SENDCOS in Miss Mogg and Miss Lupton who are based at one school but deputise for each other to ensure shared working practices. 


By clicking the links below you can go to each schools individual home pages.


Chislet                                                                                Hoath