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Week 2 - W.B 8.6.20

Science - Home Learning

If the Science work below wasn't seen last week, then please take a look now. I think everyone will be impressed by the achievements of a quite remarkable lady by the name of Marie Curie. The end of the lesson plan suggests making a model or creating a picture of a skeleton or part of a skeleton - whatever you'd like! I look forward to seeing some of the creative ways you may do this - in know how artistic you all are. 

Below are a range of Links to take you to the 'Empiribox' Website - a fantastic Science resource, with many practical investigations to get involved with.

Simply click on your chosen area of study, watch some fun, interesting and interactive video clips, before having a go at completing the attached worksheets. The resources are intended for all of Key Stage 2 (years 3,4,5&6) but with appropriately differentiated work and guidance, there should be something for everyone.


💎  Materials - Hardness & Transparency 

🌱  Plants - Photosynthesis

🔊  Sound - Sound & Distance

🔥  Matter - Heating & Cooling

🌎  Forces - Gravity 

🏡  Habitats - Animals around the World 

⚗️  Changes - Rates of Chemical Reactions 2

🌑  Earth, Light & Space - The Earth's Moon

🐒  Living Things & Evolution - Adaption

⛰️  Rocks - Sedimentary Rocks

💡  Electricity - Circuit Diagrams

🐯  Animals - What's Inside our Bodies