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Week Beginning 18/01/21

Week beginning Monday 18th January 2021.

Hi there to all the home learners and resident teachers of children in Class 3!

I hope that you all managed to have a great week last week despite the cold, wet and windy weather. I know that you’re not meant to be going outside very much at the moment but this sort of weather makes you want to stay tucked up under your duvet and blankets all day and not want to do anything too strenuous! Despite this, I hope that you managed to do some educational activities to keep your minds and bodies active and were able to use some of the things I prepared for you.

Having spoken to some parents I understand that some of you would be very grateful to have a separate copy of the answers for the Numeracy activities. I will ensure that this happens from now on! I know that, even in the classroom, I often have to consult my ‘magic adding machine’ to check answers. Some of the work my 11-year-old grandson has to do for his home school learning simply flummoxes me and I have to investigate videos on YouTube to give me a visual explanation! I apologise for not thinking of giving them to you sooner!

Fingers crossed - I am hoping to organise a class ‘Zoom’ meeting on Wednesday afternoon so we can have much needed ‘catch-up and chat’. I’m not going to be asking or quizzing you about how much work you’re doing or anything like that so please don’t worry – it’s simply to say hello and see your lovely faces, and also for you to see each other too!

I have heard that the PTFA have organised another Science session on the Facebook page! If you missed it last time, try to tune in on Wednesday morning to watch (details on the Facebook page) because it really was fabulous!

Once again please can I stress that, as a school, we are all here to help you. If there is anything that you need; being it advice, information, resources or simply just a chat, then please email or call the school and I will respond as soon as I can to support whatever it is. 

Next week we shall be doing lots of Literacy activities using the book called ‘Mr Stink’ by David Walliams. Please don’t worry about buying a copy as I will be preparing sections of the text as we use it but if you do have a copy at home then ‘dust it off’ ready for use!!

I hope that you have another great week and enjoy doing some of the tasks I have prepared for you x

Be Good, Stay Safe and look after each other!            Love Mrs Tutt xx