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Year 2

To all the new teachers of Year 2 children!

During the next few weeks, while your children are still being taught at home, I am hoping to set some numeracy tasks for them to do. Unfortunately, I am not yet familiar with the confidence levels of the children so I have set challenges for them to choose from for most activities.

The BRONZE challenges are a little more straightforward than SILVER which are a little trickier to complete, while GOLD are the more challenging tasks.

It is entirely up to you which activity your pupil does. If they only attempt one – that’s fine, if they do more – that’s fine too! It would be really helpful if you could keep a record/copy of the work that they undertake so that it can be marked (and rewarded) at a later date.

I am planning to set activities which will prepare them for the ‘type’ of tasks they will be expected to do when they join Class 3 in September. This will include place value of numbers, reading and writing numbers, rounding numbers to nearest 10, 100, greater than/less than/equal to and times tables.

I hope that you find the activities fun and enjoyable to do but, if you are already doing enough activities to keep your pupil occupied, then please don’t worry about completing the ones that I have set. The last thing I want to do is overburden you with more stuff which you feel pressured to work on! I know that there are a lot of free worksheets for the children to do on the School webpage which are regularly being updated by Mr Sanders.

If you have any queries or questions then you could send me an email through the school office and I will respond as soon as I can.

Thank You for everything you are already doing to keep your pupils busy and active.

Please Stay Safe and Take Care

Best Wishes

Karen Tutt x