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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3 page

*New 'Empiribox' Science

Simply click on your chosen area of study, watch some fun, interesting and interactive video clips, before having a go at completing the attached worksheets. The resources are intended for all of Key Stage 2 (years 3,4,5&6) but with appropriately differentiated work and guidance, there should be something for everyone.


Here’s what’s new:

'Extreme Maths!'

Some children from Year 4 have requested some 'tougher' Maths work, so below are links to some Year 5 resources from the Twinkl website. The worksheets are differentiated to help select the right level of work for you, if you'd like to give it a go.

Class 3 - Spellings & Handwriting 

I'm sure all children continue to read everyday (even if it's just a bit), which is great for improving spelling but you can now access specific words for Year 3 or 4, to practice and learn from the folders below. We understand that the children of Class 3 each work at different levels, so just do you best.

Included are sheets to help you to continue to practice your handwriting.

Why not have a go at the 'Up-close' quiz below - no peeking at the answers!

*New - fun and interactive resources to support learning about 'Money'


MoneySense from NatWest has developed resources to help children learn about money whether they are at home or at school. Visit https://natwest.mymoneysense.com/home-learning/ to access a wide range of free digital and printable resources.



Mrs Porter is the Teacher of Class 3 for every morning and Mr Powell is the Teacher for the majority of the afternoons. The class is privileged to have the full-time support of Mrs Bean as the Teaching Assistant. The Class comprises of Year 3 and Year 4 pupils, with a current total of 22 children. Like class 4, the children have specialist teaching for R.E, Music and P.E lessons.


The children of Class 3 are taught in a purposefully built, well-resourced and spacious classroom, situated in the middle of the ‘new build’. With easy access to the Hall, the school playground and playing-field, it is ideally positioned at the heart of the school.       

To see a copy of Class 3’s current timetable and an 2 year overview of the topics covered, click on the icon below. All timetables are subject to change depending on other activities, celebrations and any unforeseen situations.

The staff at Hoath Primary School are currently in the process of re-working the curriculum, so that we are able to deliver an education to the children that is appropriate and inclusive to all. Once complete, each class timetable and a new Long Term Plan will be shown here on the website.


We have also re-drafted the schools Vision Statement which we hope encapsulates the school.


‘We provide a welcoming, friendly and safe environment, within a culture of mutual respect and acceptance, where everyone learns together to gain life skills, values and self-confidence to set them on the path to achieve their individual dreams and prepare for life as global citizens.’