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The Governing Body of the Federation of Chislet Church of England and Hoath Primary Schools





Governors are the school’s Board of Directors.  They make decisions about how the school is run.  They meet at least once a term, and each governor serves for four years.


Governors are appointed to help:

  • decide what is taught
  • set standards of behaviour
  • interview and select staff
  • decide how the budget is spent
  • set performance targets for the Headteacher


School governors cannot act individually; they can only make joint decisions after discussion.  The minutes of their meetings are available on request.


School Governors are:

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Local Council Representatives
  • Community Representatives


Parent Governors must have a child in the school at the time of election, and are elected by parents of the school. 


The clerk to the governors is Angela Newman, who can be contacted via the school.

The Chair of Governors is Georgia Glover, who can be contacted via the school office.


Please click on the document below to see the current Governor representatives, thier roles, responsibilities and any business interests.