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Complaints Procedure

We hope that the relationship between home and school will be a happy, productive one.  Staff are always available at the end of the day to discuss issues that may arise.  However, sometimes things go wrong. When they do, it is important to have clear procedures that can be followed and that give an opportunity for all involved to express concerns and resolve problems at an early stage. 

The school’s procedure for handling complaints is based on the Local Authority’s model procedure.


Parental complaints or concerns should, in the first instance, be brought to the attention of the class teacher, or, where this is inappropriate, to the attention of the Headteacher.  If the complaint is not resolved by the class teacher then the parent will need to talk with the Headteacher.


If the complaint cannot be resolved by the Headteacher then it should be submitted to the Clerk of the Governors who will acknowledge receipt of the complaint, arrange for it to be considered by the Governors, and inform the Local Authority that the matter is being dealt with according to the school’s complaints procedure.