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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4

Class Four has children from Years 5 and 6, which is taught by Mrs Phillipson and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Carmen, who works on a full-time basis. Mr Wilson also supports an individual child in the class. There are specialist teachers for Music and P.E. lessons. Throughout the year the children are given further educational (and fun) opportunities such as – ‘Bikeability’, Year 6 Residential trip, Canoeing, Swimming sessions etc.

The classroom is found in the nearest part of the school’s ‘new building’ and there are currently 23 pupils in the class. The curriculum is carefully planned to offer a challenge to all children and ensure they all make appropriate progress.

Start of the School Year Newsletter

The staff at Hoath Primary School are currently in the process of re-working the curriculum, so that we are able to deliver an education to the children that is appropriate and inclusive to all. Once complete, each class timetable and Long Term Plan will be shown here on the website.


We have also re-drafted the schools Vision Statement which we hope encapsulates the school.


‘We provide a welcoming, friendly and safe environment, within a culture of mutual respect and acceptance, where everyone learns together to gain life skills, values and self-confidence to set them on the path to achieve their individual dreams and prepare for life as global citizens.’

Celebration Of Work

Below are a range of *new links to take you to the 'Empiribox' Website.

Simply click on your chosen area of study, watch some fun, interesting and interactive video clips, before having a go at completing the attached worksheets. The resources are intended for all of Key Stage 2 (years 3,4,5&6) but with appropriately differentiated work and guidance, there should be something for everyone.


Here’s what’s new:

💎 Materials - Solubility

🌱 Plants - Roots

🔊 Sound - Speed of sound

🔥 Matter - Evaporation & diffusion

🌎 Forces - Friction

🏡 Habitats - Human lifecycle

⚗️ Changes - Mass changes & chemical reactions

🌑 Earth, Light & Space - The sun & how we see

🐒 Living Things & Evolution - Inheritance

⛰️ Rocks - Metamorphic rocks

💡 Electricity - Insulators & conductors

🐯 Animals - The circulatory system