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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1, the Early Years Foundation Stage.


When your child first starts school it is really important that they are settled and happy to come to school.  So all the adults at school spend the first few weeks getting to know the new children and helping them to make new friends.  We help them to learn where things belong in the classroom, how to keep safe at school and about their new routines at school.  Once the children have gained these early skills, then the fun really begins!


The whole team get really excited about learning through themed topics each term.  We gain an idea of where the children’s interests are and then turn their ideas into fun activities that develop their individual learning.  Sharing ideas in this way often sparks other children to try new and exciting challenges that they may not normally approach.  As the children have the freedom of learning both indoors and outdoors we can create their learning experiences in a variety of ways.


Each day is packed with learning which includes daily maths, phonics, reading, handwriting and topic sessions.  These are short to begin with and as the children develop and are able to concentrate for longer periods of time the sessions become longer as the year goes by.  In between these structured times there are opportunities for children to explore activities of their own choice during ‘Learning Through Play’ sessions.  These are really important times where the children can find out and explore their own ideas. We support children to gain self-confidence and help them to become independent and motivated learners, taking risks and persevering to overcome any problems along the way. 


Please click below to see an overview of the EYFS long term curriculum Plan. Although we try to stick to this curriculum as closely as possible changes/adaptations may be made to support this years cohort of children and their particular needs.