Chislet Church of England Primary School

A journey of learning for all, within God’s guiding hands

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We aim to offer a relevant, purposeful, enjoyable’ spiritual and creative curriculum through whole school topics accessible to all. We deliver the National Curriculum content with science, history, geography or social action being the key drivers for a topic, with the subjects of art, design technology, music, computing and PSHE added to enrich the topic. Maths, RE (Christianity matters, PE, MFL, SPAG & Phonics are taught as separate subjects.

Our aim is to reinforce and revisit what children know year on year and build upon it through different topics under the umbrella of our Schools Christian Vision. Our Focus is to teach through vocabulary, allowing children the opportunities to discuss with each other and with staff ‘why and how’ to gain a deeper understanding of the things they are learning

                                                    We operate a two-year rolling programme of topics with some in Year A and some in Year B.

Below is the overview of our Curriculum.

If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach, please contact the school directly.


We are currently reviewing our curriculum, ensuring that it not only meets the standards set out in the national Curriculum but also enables children to enhance their knowledge and skills by building upon prior knowledge and giving them opportunities to practically explore their newfound knowledge and skills.


Click on the icons below to get a better understanding how the different subjects are taught at Chislet Church of England Primary School.

Below you can click on each class to see a more detailed description of the curriculum highlighting areas taught, enrichment activities and how our Christian School vision is incorporated throughout. On occasions, due to unexpected circumstances, adaptations need to be made to the curriculum.