Chislet Church of England Primary School

For Every Child Brings Something Special, Our Job is to Nurture and Celebrate it.

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Who's Who

Staff List


Headteacher----------------Mrs A.Noake

Assistant Headteacher---Mr A.Sanders

SENCo-----------------------Mr T.Powell

Office Administrator-------Ms D.Campion


Class 1  ---   Reception

Mr  A. Sanders

Mrs S. Royer

Mrs J. Baker


Class 2  ---  Years 1+2

Mrs M.Brennan

Mrs C.Tiley

Mrs S.Jackson


Class 3  ---   Years 3+4

Mrs K.Tutt

Mrs H.Willett

Mrs D.Rawlings

Mrs C.Newbury


Class 4   ---   Years 5+6

Mr S.McLean

Mrs S.Carter

Ms A.Hughes


Sports Coach

Mr D.Newhouse