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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities



At the heart of the work at Chislet Church of England Primary School is a continuous cycle of planning, teaching and assessing which takes account of the wide range of abilities, aptitudes and interests of our pupils. The majority of children will learn and progress within these arrangements. Those children whose overall attainments or attainment in specific subjects fall significantly outside the expected range may have Special Educational Needs (SEND).


Children with SEND are those who have learning, physical, behavioural or emotional difficulties, which prevent them from reaching their true potential or fully accessing the National Curriculum. Exceptionally able or gifted children also come under this heading.


At Chislet Church of England Primary School, children with SEND are identified as early as possible. Each child’s progress is monitored and provision is adjusted as necessary, in line with the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice. Extra support may be given within the class by a teaching assistant, or in an extra session run by Mr Powell (SENCO), Mrs Bean (PSA) or a teaching assistant or, where appropriate, special help may be sought from outside agencies.


Also we ensure that parents are notified of a decision by the school that SEN&D provision is being made for their child and they are kept informed of their child’s progress. Partnership with parents plays a key role in enabling children with SEND to achieve their potential. All parents of children with SEND will be treated as partners and supported to play an active and valued role in their child’s education.


Our Special Educational Needs coordinator is Mr. Tom Powell.  Parents who have concerns are welcome to make an appointment to see him. Please use the following email to message Mr. Powell - 


To see a copy of our Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy, please click below

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