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Online Safety -Parental Support

Online safety is a key priority for schools and parents. With technology changing so quickly trying to find out the best ways of keeping children safe when online can be very difficult.


Here at Chislet Church of England Primary School we take the safety of children online very seriously. As well as regularly updating our firewall and safety software we also include online safety within our computing curriculum. We use the award winning scheme from 'i-compute' to teach children about specific ways for staying safe when online.


To find out more information about online safety click the links below.

For information and advice for parents on a range of issues including Fortnite, Youtube, Instagram, TikTok etc. click on the pictures below and see helpful posters which explain what they are and things to be aware of.
As well as the links above you can also find child friendly programmes for children aged 5-7, 8-10 and 11-13 year olds on the Chislet Children tab.