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Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure


We work very hard at Chislet Church of England Primary School to create a happy, supportive, co-operative environment for children and parents, however we also know that from time to time issues or concerns  arise.


When they do it is important to have a system in place which results in issues/concerns being dealt with quickly and effectively.


Below is the procedure we use (based on the local authority’s’ model procedure)


Step 1-

In the first instance concerns or queries should be brought to the class teachers attention. Most concerns can be dealt with very quickly if the class teacher is aware.


Step 2-

If you feel the matter is more of a whole school issue or you feel it inappropriate to go to the class teacher you can ask to speak to the Deputy Headteacher, Miss Fitzwilliam. Most issues sent to her are able to be dealt with, although this process may take a little longer as she might need to speak to others (children, staff etc.).


Step 3-

If you have followed the previous steps but are still not happy with the response or you feel that the concern is of such that the Headteacher needs to be informed then you can contact the school office and ask to arrange an appointment with Mr Sanders, Head of School. Once again this might take a little longer as he would need to investigate the concern and may have to speak to others.


Staff are always on the playground at the end of the day and are willing to speak to parents about any concerns there or they can go into their classrooms if you feel longer is needed.


We pride ourselves on how well we work with parents and children to resolve and support any concerns or queries. Never feel that you are taking our time as we want to resolve issues just as much as you.


Step 4-

Should you feel that the complaint/concern is unable to be addressed by any of the steps above then it should be submitted to the Clerk of Governors who will acknowledge receipt of the complaint, arrange for it to be considered by the Governors and inform the Local Authority that the matter is being dealt with according to the school complaints procedure.


To submit a concern/complaint simply put it in writing and place in a sealed envelope. Address this to the Clerk of Governors, Chislet Church of England Primary School and hand it in to the school office.